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Tools for the Supplemental Call Review Process


The Cycle 7 Supplemental Call requires two tools:

  • the Observing Tool, a downloadable software package which is used by PIs to submit new proposals

  • the Reviewer Tool, a web interface which is used by Reviewers to submit ranks and reviews during the proposal review process


The Observing Tool can be downloaded hereInstructions specific to Cycle 7 Supplemental Call proposers can be found in the Proposer’s Guide and the main Supplemental Call page.

  • Please note that the submission server will be unavailable for a few hours on September 10 and September 25 for scheduled maintenance.


The Reviewer Tool can be accessed by clicking the logo below beginning October 15; note that Reviewers will need to log in with their ALMA credentials. Reviewers will be notified when the process has been opened and the tool is available. A detailed set of instructions describing How to Use the Reviewer Tool can be found here.